History Of Pilgrim Tract


Sometime in the mid to late 1920’s, Julius W. Stone, who lived in High Point, N.C. with his wife, Lillie A. Stone, did some visiting among the patients of old people in hospitals and other retirement homes. He became concerned over the many elderly people in these homes who were facing the end of life on this earth and not ready to meet God in peace. He began writing scripture verses with a brief message with a typewriter, then later began using a Mimeograph machine to produce tracts to distribute in various places with encouraging results. By September, 1933, the Lord had blessed the work and Brother Stone made a dedication: “I make this special dedication to Thee (God).

My whole time, means and every ransomed power to use for Thy glory in printing and distribution of Gospel literature. I further dedicate myself to the accomplishing of the impossible, Matt. 17:20; Mark 11:22-24.
“I dedicate myself to a life of privation, hardship and self-sacrifice that I may be able to devote all of my time to this work which Thou hast laid on my heart. I trustingly await Thy leadings.”

God blessed the work and the Lord sent other workers to work with Brother and Sister Stone. It was incorporated in March, 1938, as “Pilgrim Tract Society.” In March, 1944, the present property on which we now operate was purchased in Randleman, North Carolina, USA.

Over the years, countless numbers of people all across the world have heard and read the Gospel. Millions and millions of Gospel Tracts have gone forth and only eternity will reveal the countless number of souls that have been reached and continues to be reached today with the saving Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the printed page from Pilgrim Tract Society.

We are glad that Brother and Sister Stone so dedicated themselves to live sacrificially that others may hear of Jesus Who is Mighty to SAVE!

What would take place today if every Christian in the world would so dedicate their lives to the spreading of the Gospel as Julius and Lillie Stone did?

For more information of the history of Pilgrim Tract Society, Email or write to us to request a copy of the tract, “A Brief History of Pilgrim Tract Society” by our present President, Ralph W. Gehr.

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